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Foremost Social Justice and Black Activism in Missoula

Welcome to Montana Black Collective Missoula, the premier Black-owned and operated grassroots organization focused on social justice and Black activism in Missoula. Our organization is dedicated to community support, cultural heritage protection, and personal growth development for persons of African ancestry ...

From Tragedy to Empowerment:

Montana Black Collective Missoula was born out of a need to address the emotional impact of an incident that occurred during a rally at the Missoula courthouse. This incident, which involved the police and an African American youth, left many participants feeling fearful and unsupported. Long-standing members of ...


  • Black-owned
  • Dismantling racism
  • Diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Equitable outcomes
  • Social justice
  • Economic justice
  • Education and transcendence
  • Cross cultural understanding and compassion
  • Civic engagement
2024 Juneteenth Ceremony

Click on the "Blog" tab for Juneteenth information.

Please visit Misssoula Art Museum, Missoula Public Library and UM Mansfield Library for additional Juneteenth related activities.


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Missoula, Montana

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