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MBCM continues to engage in Film and Discussions. Our collaborative efforts have been with freind of MBCM Roxy Theathre. Do The Right Thing directed and starring Spike Lee was our latest engagement. This event was well attended by the Missoula community along with five panelists and a moderator. Moderator encouraged thought provoking answers from panelists as well as the audiance in this very important work. Questions were in relation to the characters, their roles and how the content of the film relates to what is going on in society today. How did this film dipict and pertains to racism the work being done and progress made around Diversity, Equity, Justice and Inclusion and the ideas that will aid in continued progress 

Thanks to the Missoula community for coming out and engaging and helping the Montana Black Collective and our community move the chains of change. MBCM

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